June 30, 2014

The Skaggs Family. Back from Maputo Mozambique in Africa

A few years ago, some really good friends of mine, Wayne Skaggs from Mount Carmel Christian Church, moved to Maputo in Africa.
The Skaggs family had been called to this little town in Mozambique so that Beth could help with her expertise at the CDC there.  Yes she is a scientist.  I keep asking her for odd ball vaccines but she has yet to deliver. :( 
I sure did miss them and when I heard that they were coming back I was so happy and could not wait to see them and spend some time with my buddy Wayne.
Over the holidays, they had family down to visit and they asked to have some photos taken of their family.  I did my thing and they loved their photos.  They have some sharp looking boys and a beautiful family. 

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